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Modernizing the real estate industry by providing our clients with our own innovative cutting edge real estate technology. Realty Force is not your typical every day real estate company.

The role of an agent has changed over the years and many of the current or “old school” companies just are not keeping up with the times. We’re on the leading edge of technology and pioneering tools that blow the other guys out of the water.

We provide valuable, intuitive resources, such as Scout™, which is our home grown investment tool which provides our clients with a daily list of properties, their estimated rent, and cash flow projections making it a million times easier for you to find investment properties. Another example is our free school ratings search. You want to know everything about the schools your children go to before you move, right? Of course you do! See the state’s ratings of the school, test scores, demographics, address, enrollment, contact information, staff information and statistics, and much more. What’s even better, is when you do a property search the information is linked. We’ll go over that more in the next paragraph. We have much more to provide you!

Like our free Hero Property Search, which allows you to search by nearly every criteria that is available, even to REALTORS®, including residential and commercial sales and leases. Let’s say you want to search for every property on a particular lake, no problem. First, use the "find an office" tool near you, go to their Realty Force site, click the "advanced search" and check the box for the lake you want to be on and the results will appear. From there you can refine your search. You can search for nearly any criteria to find exactly what you want. Plus, as mentioned above, the schools that the kids go to for that house are shown on the details page for each house automatically! Full stats and all. Just look in the top right hand corner after you click on the property. On the details page you can schedule a showing with one of our prestigious agents, see the photos, Google Street Scene, Microsoft’s Bird’s Eye View, directions, maps, the property specs, and much more.

Or how about our personalized areas for saving properties to your account, making notes on each one, and even creating customized searches so you get notified whenever a new property that fits that search comes on the market?

These are just a few examples of the many tools we provide directly to you at no cost! Use the search for an office tool to find a Realty Force office near you and call us when you are ready or use our online tools at your leisure. All of our agents are required to pass our internal AAA (Agent Aptitude Assessment) Test and be experienced. They are all qualified, experienced, and experts.


Scout™. Finally, a real tool to help you purchase investment properties.

Daily property list with values
Properties are uploaded daily with real rent estimates by experienced REALTORS®.
Nearly everything you need in one place
Cash flow projections, future value estimates, long term gains, and much more.
Did we mention, IT´S FREE to our clients!
No charge or fees to use Scout™!
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Join our team! Proven system, stunning results, top notch support

Not your boring old school system
At the core, Realty Force is technology driven and on the cutting edge.
Ambitiously bringing new features and ideas directly to owners
We´ve built the best system and are constantly improving and implementing the best systems for you.
Recruiting has never been easier
With so many advantages it´s hard not to attract agents.
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